Housing in Etzatlán (Adriana Villareal & family)

Meet Adriana Villarreal, a resilient single mother of five, and the collaborative effort that brought her dreams to life in the town of Etzatlán. Witness how unity, compassion, and innovation intersected to create a place she can proudly call home.

A Home for Adriana Villarreal

Uniting Hearts in Etzatlán In the serene town of Etzatlán, a powerful story of community and collaboration is taking root. Meet Adriana Villarreal, a devoted single mother of five, and witness the remarkable journey that brought us together to create a place she can truly call her own.

A Shared Vision in Etzatlán

Our journey began in search of knowledge, leading us to Etzatlán. Here, alongside the local government and Arq. Carlos Ochoa, we witnessed a transformative initiative. It granted the opportunity to first-time homeownership to families facing rising land prices due to booming berry farming to have a possibility of owning a piece of land that otherwise wouldn't be in reach, so that later on could be a possibility to become their own hose. This beacon of hope aimed to let residents remain rooted in the town they love.

Adriana's Remarkable Story

Adriana's resilience stood out among the locals. A tireless worker on a pepper farm, she cared for her children and grandchildren with unwavering love. Her strength and sacrifice made her the perfect partner for our project, kindling our determination to make a difference.

Uniting Minds for Change

Through a partnership with ITESO University, known for its architects and engineers, our joint mission gained momentum. Beyond constructing a house, we sought to instill students with the power of compassion while honing their bioconstruction skills. With ITESO's expertise, we improved adobe formulations and established a LAB in Tequila for budding architects and innovators.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Guided by our unwavering commitment, students crafted blueprints for Adriana's adobe house. These designs aligned seamlessly with local building codes and our meticulously crafted adobe building code. Every step was a testament to the unity of purpose.

Embracing Gratitude and Joy

Presenting Adriana with diverse design ideas was a heartwarming experience. Overwhelmed with emotion, she tearfully expressed her gratitude, sharing that no one had extended such a helping hand before. The journey unfolded not just in construction but in smiles, bonds, and transformative moments. A Shared Home, A Shared Future In Adriana's new home, a tapestry of love, compassion, and shared dreams is woven. This journey reaffirms the power of unity and empathy, proving that change is born from hearts united in purpose. Witnessing Adriana's happiness as her dream comes true reminds us that the smallest gestures can create the most profound impacts. Together, we're not only working to build a house but a brighter future – a future where shared dreams pave the way for lasting change