Empowering Tequila's Community through Sustainable Production

Our Foundation is committed to giving back to the community of the town of Tequila and its surrounding areas while addressing the environmental impact of the tequila production process on the water supply and public health.

Together, we can make a positive impact in Tequila.

As pioneers in this space, the Komos Foundation is committed to giving back to the Tequila region. We believe that together, we can create great tequila, be sustainable, and support the local community.
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In the region of Tequila,
we have a unique opportunity to create a new solution using an age-old building technique in the region, Adobe Bricks.

How it Works

A big pile of the dry agave waste that looks like straw

Collect Agave Byproduct

For every 750ml bottle of tequila, there are roughly 10 to 12 liters of vinasa (the liquid left behind) and 4 to 6 kilograms of bagazo (the spent agave fibers) remaining that need to be collected.
A man's feet help to mix the wet adobe mixture

Create & Mold the Bricks

Instead of hay and water, we use the bagazo and vinasa to create the bricks, plus dirt, which is plentiful in the region.
Adobe bricks lined up to dry

Dry for Strength

We then let them dry in the shade for a more homogeneous adobe, avoiding a fast drying process which can create cracks.
Tall wall made of adobe bricks

Build Local Infrastructure

The bricks are then committed to community projects such as schools and homes for those in need.
Large pile of dry agave waste that looks like straw
A pair of hands removing some of the dry agave waste

Why Tequila?

For every bottle of agave spirits, there is a large amount of waste created. Historically, most of it was not properly disposed of—meaning it ended up in the local waterways where it absorbs oxygen and lowers the pH of the water, not only killing the natural wildlife, but making it undrinkable for the local communities of Tequila.

The town of Tequila and the surrounding appellation have a long and rich history that embraces its namesake drink. With that, there is a huge opportunity for collaboration amongst producers. In that spirit, our goal is to share these sustainability efforts with others and that the community can all work towards a better future together by upcycling waste into building materials for the good of the community.
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Who is the Komos Foundation?

In the early 2000’s, Komos co-CEO and master distiller Richard Betts pioneered the process to use agave waste to create adobe bricks that are committed to the community to support local infrastructure. In 2019, Richard and Tequila Komos launched the Komos Foundation in collaboration with their distillery partners.

Today, our Director of Operations for the Komos Foundation, Elias Campollo, is on the ground leading the charge in Tequila, with the ambition to get as many other Tequileros involved as possible.

The Foundation has also partnered with Iteso University, a local university, where students earn college credits for their work on the project. The bright minds of this new generation will help us continue innovating and expanding the reach of our sustainability initiatives.
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A man harvesting a ripe agave piña to get ready to make tequila
A large agave plant
A beautiful copper still used to distill Komos tequila

What is the Mission?

The heart of this endeavor is to implement sustainable solutions that have a truly significant impact on the well-being of people and the local community. 

To date, several other distilleries in the Tequila region have already started joining us, resulting in what will be the largest sustainability initiative in Tequila, Mexico.

We are currently using the bricks to create a woman’s safe house, an elementary school, and youth recreation center.
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Our Projects

When visiting our foundation site, you may wonder why it's important to contribute and donate. Here are the key causes that inspire individuals like you to make a difference through their generous support

Classroom in Amatitán

Step into the heart of our Amatitán community and witness the powerful narrative of our classroom project. With determination, tequila industry byproducts, and a commitment to education, we've crafted a space where learning takes root, dreams flourish, and futures are forever changed.
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Housing in Etzatlán (Adriana Villareal & family)

Meet Adriana Villarreal, a resilient single mother of five, and the collaborative effort that brought her dreams to life in the town of Etzatlán. Witness how unity, compassion, and innovation intersected to create a place she can proudly call home.
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Safe House for Women

We are working to create a safe house for women and children to protect them from harm and support them. More information will be coming soon.
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